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3-Blade Broadhead Assembly Made Easy

Lay the three blades and tip conveniently in front of you and pick up the ferrule in your left hand. Hold it by the threads so you can rotate it easily as you slide the blades into position. Don't worry about "seating" everything into final position. Leave yourself some "working room" by positioning everything about halfway into place.

Pick up any blade and with the bend pointing upward slide it into any groove. Push it carefully about half way down and then spin the ferrule in your fingers counterclockwise until the balde is pointing down and out the opposite side as shown in the next photo.

Pick up the next blade and with the bend pointing up (just like the first blade), slike it into the same groove the first blade is in. If the balde stops for any reason, do not push with your finger. Use a small piece of wood to push the blade in place. The blade should seat with NO resistance. If it is difficult to push, remove it and check for obsturctions.

Repeat the same procedure for the third blade and gently seat all three blades to the bottom of the groove using a small piece of wood. With blades in position you will notice from the tip view that you have created a solid column of "bad to the bone" metal.

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