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Arrow Weight

     No matter what you read arrow weight does matter. Heavier arrows exert a higher amount of penetrating power. Lighter weighted arrows travel at a much higher speed to the animal. The weight of the arrow depends on the conditions you hunt and the type of animal you are attempting to harvest. The weight of the arrow may not matter on smaller bodied animals, but it does matter on larger bodied animals.

     For quicker more humane kills make sure you are using a heavy enough arrow for the game you are hunting. Following is a good rule of thumb: When hunting smaller game you can use a lighter flatter trajectory arrow, somewhere in the 400 to 450 grain class. For heavier bodied animals such as moose, elk, caribou, or black bear an arrow heavier than 500 grains should be used.

     If you are not sure of the weight of the arrow you should be using for the animal you are attempting to harvest. Or you don't quite know how to match your arrow to your bow, get help. Take the time to speak to a qualified friend or sales rep at your local hunting store. It will make a difference!

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